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Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Job Hunt & Power of Networks

I blame my involvement in projects like Pursue the Passion for making me unable to just "find a job" that will give me a paycheck. I need to care about the company's product and their mission. Which is why after applying to the Girl Scouts membership specialist position I've been hesistant to apply anywhere else. Nothing, not even postings on Idealist, stuck out at me as "you would love being here everyday!"

Then today Jason sent a note out on Facebook about the company he's working for that's looking for Communications Interns and an Office Admin. As much as the word intern makes me shiver (after 3 co-ops I'm qualified beyond an intern) and the idea of administration everyday sounds like a grad, I was immediately excited by the company. NEHI "specializes in identifying innovative strategies for improving health care quality and reducing health care costs." This is precisely the topic I wrote my paper for LPS on last year. Plus, even though it's an internship it's paid, which at this point is key.

I'm so blessed to have cultivated friendships with people who are involved and care deeply. As we all graduate and begin to find jobs, it's going to be so essential to stay in touch. You never know when something might just fall into your lap.

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