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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Celebrating Life

Celebrate life. Carpe diem. Embrace those in your life that refuse to let you be too serious about the little things. Get outside. Be barefoot. Make grand plans. Execute with a thuroughness as yet unseen.

Those are the lessons I took away from last night. And yet today I found myself on the phone with my mom crying - against my desperate attempts not to - in the library about writing a paper for my capstone and about being seriously in debt (we've gone well beyond broke at this point). How do you applyt he above lessons when all these little, yet serious road blocks are in your way? At some point can you just ask to start with a fresh slate? Shouldn't everyone get one opportunity to say, "I know I was foolish, can I start over?"

My heart literally feels heavy. I can't tell if it's just because my chest is weak from this sickness I'm trying to fight off or symptom of anxiety. I just need to graduate, find a job, and unburden my debts. Nothing big.

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