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Monday, November 17, 2008

Today, I Hate

I'm frustrated, angry, annoyed, anxious, and surviving on frayed nerves at the moment. So here are some things today that I really hate. [Expect updates throughout the day.]

  • Capstone Thesis. I'm more frustrated by this paper than any other thing I've written in my entire college career. It's fraying all my nerves. But I'm not ready to accept a C in the class. My perfectionism will kill me.
  • High school students on campus. A group of screaming, rude inner-city high school kids just got off the elevator. After pushing (literally) past them, I entered the elevator to find they had pushed EVERY single floor button for my ride down.
  • People being inappropriately loud. I think this is mostly a symptom of the frayed nerves. But lately any time I'm in a setting that has an expectation of quiet, upon which someone interrupts by blabbing on their phones, I just want to muzzle them.
  • Stupid noises in general. I think this goes along with the stress as well. Billiard balls slamming together, children running the halls, elevator dinging - where the hell are my noise canceling headphones now?!

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