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Friday, October 17, 2008

"Reality Check" - Elections '08

If the Red Sox can teach us anything, it's that it ain't over til it's really over.

A letter from my friend Jason that I felt was a good reminder about the political-media beast calling the shots before anyone has slipped one ballot into the box.

To Everyone,

I know that you all are probably OD-ing on election stuff, but I wanted to send this out just in case any of you were thinking about donating to the election or getting involved but haven't yet. I just donated to the campaign eventhough I felt that I couldn't really afford to. But, what I realized was that my not being able to "afford" was a relative term. I have an apartment in Brookline, I can pay for groceries, I'm wearing good cloths and I have a decent job, (I'm not exactly bathing in money but I'm not exactly scraping by either). And, considering what is at stake, and how close this election still is, in the end I felt like I couldn't afford not to. Because we can't afford another 8 years of... haha just kidding.

But seriously, I urge you to get involved in this election is some way, even if it's just buying a pin, or giving a few dollars or thanking a canvasser on the street - telling them that they are doing a good job, a hard job. This campaign isn't just about Obama, or some bad Republicans, it's about what we're all willing to do as individuals to take responsibility for our communities and this country. It's great to be in support of Obama and it's great to talk about change, but actions speak louder than words.

Get involved:
* Generation Progress - We are an organization of young professionals committed to electing Democrats to Congress. We're confident that Senator Obama can win the White House in November, but we know that he'll need a friendly Congress to help him achieve his goals. We're working to make sure that happens.
* Barack Obama campaign site

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