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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Halloween: Now It's Serious

I managed to find the PERFECT dress yesterday for my Rita Hayworth outfit at Filene's Basement. I've had such amazing luck there for cheap dresses, especially costumes. Let's just say it's been the bright spot in the last few days. Anywho, here's what the outfit looks like so far:

I might change the shoes. And clearly the hair & make-up are lacking.

Tonight I'm trying the big foam rollers as a test run for the hair-do.

For a look at the inspiration outfit & attitude, check out the Put the Blame on Mame clip of Rita from the movie Gilda.

The morning after: [PICTURE COMING SOON!]

Update: 3pm - Curls are starting to fall (damn long, thick hair - haha). So I think next time, I'm going to try mousse with leave in before I roll. I also wanted to post a link to The Fedora Lounge and give a shout out to the ladies their for their insight and inspiration. This is definitely a look I will be doing more often - costume or not!

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