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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dream Job?

Gonna sell my house and cross the border
'Cause somebody told me dreams live in Mexico
Gonna sell my house I got to lose ten pounds
And cross the border
And make sweet love upon the white sandy shore.
[Sarah Bareilles]

I'm applying for jobs. Well, actually I'm freaking out that I'm actually applying for REAL jobs and not coops, which basically means printing job postings then staring at them. I did manage to update my resume though.

The question right now is do I want to find a job as a writer - because I'm good at it, because it was my major, because it could leader to creative director positions (and $$). Or, do I want a job working for an organization I truly love (despite its flaws), even if it means doing some stuff that drives me nuts?

Okay, I'm forcing myself to go write my cover letters now. Big deep breath. Maybe I'm crazy, but I think I want the Girl Scout job more than anything else I've found. Plus, I know I would kick ass at it. Does that mean I wasted my time/$ at Northeastern?!

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