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Monday, September 17, 2007


Everyone is getting married. Everyone is having babies. Everyone has that one someone they can turn to when they really need someone. What am I doing? Who do I have?

I'm not upset about. I don't need sympathy or pity. I just feel like more often than not lately I'm on the outside of conversations, the outside of the circle. And it's no one's fault in particular, it's just that no one is quite on the same path as I am right now. I'm trying to be healthier; I'm single; I'm in classes; I'm a Girl Scout leader; I'm a compulsive writer; I'm an oldest sister and daughter and cousin-aunt; I'm a sexual being; I'm trying to decide how I feel about god.

Who are you?

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Marisa said...

I'm good at being single and I'm willing to bet I'll be even better in bed.
I'm a traveler obsessed with big cities
I have family and friends who make me laugh and let me lean on them.
I'm a big personality who wants to know everything and everybody.
I'm an employee with a love of multitasking and a college kid with a deeper love of doing nothing happily.
I'm a feminist--the good kind.
I'm a sister, an honorary sister, a daughter, a granddaughter, and a best friend.
And I love myself--most days.