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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Academic Frustrations

Sometimes I feel completely and utterly frustrated by academic rhetoric. Thusly, and so on, meaning that the social interactions between the teacher, preaching from their pulpit, entitled to do so by their success at having survived more years than I care to in the game of school, are outlined and reinforced by normative behavior such that it relates to adaptation to situational environments (ie classrooms) and social pressures.

I hate philosophical, circular, bully-pulpit teaching. I just want to stand up and scream - WE GET THE DAMN POINT! SO WHAT DOES IT MEAN? Perhaps it's a byproduct of my humanities major and minor (Journalism and Sociology, respectively). I also find it's related to a older generation of teachers, for whatever that's worth. Maybe I'm impatient, I'm sorry. I like to learn about new things, but not at the expense of the applicability to the real world beyond the four walls of a classroom.

What do we go to school for the first quarter of our life for anyways?

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