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Friday, June 22, 2007

The New Recruiting Psychographic Persona

This was a piece I put together as part of a presentation to my company's HR department as background for redesigning their recruiting materials. Although some of it seems pretty obvious to a twentysomething, some of the people that it was presented to were absolutely amazed.

“I” statements that reflect what recent graduates are looking for:

  • The most important things to me are my coworkers and the company’s culture. I want to work with people who are enthusiastic, stimulating, friendly, competent, and fun. I like to be able to form friendships with my coworkers and also want to have a good relationship with my boss. I think coworkers and management should be approachable, especially if I need help.
  • A competitive salary is also important to me. With college loans looming, I’m very concerned about money. As it becomes the norm to have an undergrad degree I would like to maintain a competitive edge by pursuing a graduate degree. I am very interested in finding an employer who will help finance my MBA.
  • I would like to be appreciated for my accomplishments. It’s important for me to receive actionable and detailed feedback, so that I can improve and exceed your expectations.
  • I am aggressive and constantly seeking to improve myself. I want to be challenged. I am looking for a job that allows me to participate fully in the projects I am working on. I am comfortable working on teams, in a supportive or leadership role.
  • I want the work I do to mean something. I would like to work with a product that correlates with my ideals and may be important to society.
Read the full article at Employee Evolution.

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