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Monday, December 7, 2009

I can't get no shut-eye!*

I worked all day on Saturday and, though I had thoughts of seeing friends, decided to use the slushy-snow as an excuse to stay in. All was going according to plan - yummy dinner, History channel documentary on TV (Nick's favorite) and the apartment to myself. Until... the upstairs neighbors decided to throw a raging party. Now I'm all for getting your friends together and having a grand ol' time, but does it have to include tap dancing elephants? Because I'm pretty sure there was a circus that filed in the door, up the stairs and performed an award-winning (do they give out awards for tap dancers?) elephant ensemble tap number accompanied by some warped version of Lil Wayne pulsing through the bass.

Nights like Saturday are exactly why I am ready to move out of the city to a quieter town (or a duplex).

*I actually busted into a friend's parents room when I was 7 at a sleepover to say this when the other girls wouldn't be quiet. Apparently I've always been a little cranky about my sleep.

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