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Thursday, September 10, 2009

September: A New Year

Screw January, who decided January should be the start of a new year anyways? Maybe it's some kind of Pavlovian response to nearly 20 years of new school years beginning right around Labor Day, but I've always felt that the sudden crispness of the air in September held more promise of a new year than the dull, frigid monotony of January. I mean really, what is even remotely motivating about December 26 through sometime in March when the world (at least New England) thaws? That's serious, hunker-down-and-read-a-good-novel time not hey-let-me-rehaul-my-life time.

Anyways, what that means is that I've been starting to fill my calendar back up again (just like Marisa). Gone are the long, lazy days by lakes or pools, soaking up the sun and disconnecting from the world. Let's see, there's:
  • Work: My 9-to-5 job, with busy and slow seasons, keeps me pretty occupied throughout the week.
  • Work #2: Ah, retail, gotta love it. Connecting with customers and completing a wall of perfectly folded chinos are the best rewards for a screwy schedule.
  • GSEM Task Force: A new group within our Girl Scout council whose goal is to unite and support the service units in the Boston metro area. I'll be specifically working on the Adult Development Committee to recruit, train and recognize adult volunteers. I'm also a working toward becoming a Council Facilitator so I can lead my own training sessions. If you're interested in getting involved - let me know!
  • "Open Classroom: Northeastern offers the community the chance to audit a class on urban policy and issues taught by Prof. Bluestone. Once you're registered, you can sit in on any of the classes from 9/10-12/10. A group of us are signing up (let [Marisa] know if you do too!), and while I may not buy all the books recommended on the official syllabus, I'm strangely hungry for poli-sci nerd knowledge and a classroom setting."
  • Football: I plan on actually watching games this year. And spending lazy Sundays cooking lavish meals in my new gorgeous kitchen. Open invitation!

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