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Friday, June 5, 2009

The word is... Responsibility

I have loved living in the city for the last 5 years. But with my roommate moving out and everyone unsure of their long-term plans (or already paired off) -- it looks like I won't be staying in my apartment come Sept. 1. When this very real possibility presented itself yesterday I basically had an anxiety attack. I LOVE my place (great views, safe, good management) and I really didn't want to leave. But as I stayed awake, eyes wide open staring at the ceiling, and contemplated the reality of each of my possibilities at 2 am, I realized moving home might not be so bad after all.

First and foremost, moving home is the most responsible financial choice. Right now I'm spending about $1,000 on average for rent, utilities and a T pass. If I moved home I would have to add a car payment and bus fare, but that still only totals to just under $400. Since I don't actually have a job yet, eliminating those expenses will be a big relief. And when I do get one, it will give me the cashflow to pay off my credit cards and chip away at my student loans.

Secondly, living only an hour away from the city - with bus transportation if I don't want to drive - means the commute won't be too bad. Plus, with all my friends and boyfriend living here still, I'll always have a place to crash on late nights.

A decision that seemed devastating at first (you should have heard me whining, but I don't waaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnaaaa move home), actually seems like a blessing in disguise. Besides, once my finances are in order, I can move into my OWN place! So I guess it's like all those cliches: Que sera, sera; God works in mysterious ways; Change is the only constant.

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