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Friday, April 24, 2009

Spring - Looking Forward

So, it's been a month. I'm not really sure where it went - April was a very blah month for me. I had some lovely career freak-outs, decided to stop worrying about "being on a diet," worked a lot of long hours and realized that graduation is a real thing that is happening.

But right now I'm sitting on my deck in the gorgeous 70+ degree weather, looking at all the new leaves on the trees and magnolia blossums and realizing that spring is REALLY here. That means nights outside after work, more fresh air, adventures that do no involve the couch & the Wii and hopefully some grilling.

The city in the summer months can be a lot of fun, the bars and restaurants all open their patios, which are prime for people watching. But the warm weather definitely makes me miss the suburbs/country a lot more as well. You can't have a grill in the city. You can't jump in a lake. You can't drive with nowhere to go, with the windows down and the radio up.

I would love to be able to take more advantage of my Zipcar membership this summer by getting out of the city more. Anyone have good ideas for day trips to get away from the crowds*, tall buildings and overwhelming pavement?

*Side note: speaking of crowds, I waited at Hynes for 40 minutes last Saturday afternoon because Red Sox & Marathon tourists filled every single T trolley to capacity. I finally caught the D line out - I love, love living close to all 3 lines.

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