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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Resolution Update: A Slightly Delayed 2-Month Status Report

2009 Resolutions: The Two Month Update
  1. Lose 20 lbs. by graduation (May 1) - I've mostly failed at this goal, althought it remains on the backburner. After reading Fat Land, I've attempted to cut out all high-fructose corn syrup and partially hydrogenated oils (soybean & palm) from my groceries. This has been a great way to help me focus on eating more natural foods and less diet-oriented over-processed foods. Plus, now that the weather is nice I can get outside to be active. In fact, after work tonight the boy and I want on a bike ride/roller blade adventure around the block (about 2.5 miles).
  2. Plant a vegetable/herb garden on the deck - More on this project in April!
  3. Improve my impact on the environment - Trying to figure out if I can compost in the city (without causing a foul smell to waft from my deck).
  4. Balance my checkbook! - Off by $20 dollars. After 45 minutes of struggle decided to just adjust it and move on. I've also started using which has been super useful. It gives you an overview of all your online accounts, tracks your spending by category, lets you create budgets, and even emails you to remind you when your bills are due!
  5. Journal everyday - I've been journaling a lot more, for sure.
  6. Have more adventures - Despite my propensity to stay in most nights, I've been having some superb adventures. I had a photoshoot for headshots with Cait Madden (@caitmadden), a hilarious brunch with about 15 of my closest friends at Tremont 647 that later turned into an adventure in Photoshop, and dinner at Eastern Standard with the boy's family. Last week Mike came up and we did a mini beer bar crawl that ended in hilarity at Deep Ellum when we met up with a bigger group of friends. The best adventure so far has been driving up to Maine for two days (10 hours worth of driving plus 3 hours on the bus) to go skiing at Sugarloaf. The mountain was fantastic, the intructors & ambassadors kindly saved a few of my friends. And the day after skiing, we had a Snowpocalypse in the backyard (there was still 3.5 feet of snow there)!
  7. Spend more time with my friends - See above & last night's escapades at Sunset Grill & Tap. (Damn, we do a lot of drinking in teams!)

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