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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Resolution Update: Fun, what's that?

So in the last week or so I've been trying to make a real effort to get out of my cocoon a little bit. The freezing cold weather and alternating mini-blizzards have made it a lot harder for sure. It's so easy to just stay in, getting cozy with the Wii and a glass of wine. However, I did promise myself to be less of a homebody/party-pooper this year.

Friday I was going to try to see a free movie at the Omni Theater at the Museum of Science after meeting my new coworkers in Cambridge for drinks. And then we were going to go to my friend Kate's for games & dessert. All three plans failed on Friday because the boy decided that I needed a night to just unwind. Apparently work, even though it's only part time, had me wiped out. Plus, it was about 2 degrees before the windchill. Brr!!

But there were definitely highlights this week! Wednesday was world's longest day ever. I got up at 4:45, and was with Maris by 6 am at the Sheraton for GMA's Great American Job Fair. Then after work, we met up with Kate and Dana at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government to hear about "Women Waging Peace." And of course what trip to Harvard Square would be complete without a stop at the Border Cafe?

On Thursday, Jess came over to interview me about co-op experiences. So I turned that into, let's get a bottle of wine & have some delicious snacks. Maris brought this cheese that's similar to brie but much more flavorful (cannot remember the name for the life of me), petite baguettes and some fruit. We all chatted about life in the living room and even had a mini Wii Bowl-a-thon.

This coming week I'm trying to organize a girls night. First, wine tasting at Federal Wine and Spirits downtown. Then movies at the Lucy Parson's Center about resistance to the separation barrier in Israel and Palestine. Lastly, heading to the Fireplace in Brookline for Jazz Night (and hopefully bumping into my client, chef & owner Jim Solomon).

If you're wondering about more adventurous ideas, check out this Google Calendar: Super Fun Things to Do in Boston.

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