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Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Attraction Paradox & Other Burning Questions

If you really want to convince someone that they want something, tell them that they can't have it. You probably wouldn't even really need to literally tell them, as long as you made them think that for some reason the object was forbidden.

Why? Why are we most attracted to people we cannot have? Or is it less of us being attracted to what we can't have than the essential struggle between the self and the other. I want that. You say no. I want to win, so I want it. But how often do we really win? How often do we buck society and say, "No, you know what: I want this; I deserve this; this is going to be mine."

What are we so afraid of? Insulting others? Being excluded from the group that is denying the object to us? Are relationships with others more important than the relationship you have with yourself?

[Jan. 15, 2007]
When people move on are you supposed to just accept that? When you see pictures of people is it okay to wish to talk to them one more time, to hang out one more time, with them the way that they were? Is that okay to want sometimes, even if it's the easy way out.

Is it okay to not miss someone? Is it okay to not miss someone the way they are now, to not think about them everyday? Is it okay to be okay without them?

You wake up in the morning and it feels like a dream. When does it become real. When does it stop being a vacation and become your life? Do you have to let go for that happen? Can you hold on and move on? Or do they each require an amount of betrayal -- to reality, to memories, to dreams.

[Feb. 13, 2006]
How come I can never make up my mind? How come I'm never satisfied? How come I always want what's just beyond my reach? Or the one thing I'm not doing? Why is it that everything on the outside, gets in my head and makes me doubt things? Does everyone, at a certain point, ask all these same questions and wonder about the answers?

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