Stream of Consciousness

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Bouncin' Souls

There's something really special about live music. I love listening to music in my car, in my room, even in the shower, but there's something about the energy that happens when you aren't the only one who's getting into it. I went to a show last night by Delhill and Eclectic Collective at the Paradise Rock Club. Delhill was the third band in the line-up and I had seen them earlier. Their stage presence is really fun and you can tell their lead singer Andy loves playing the crowd. EC was explosive. The energy from the stage was contagious as even the sax play jumped around. You couldn't help but get into their music, to move your hips, nod your head, jump around. I didn't even know any of the words but I felt like I was inside the rhythm of each song. I'm making it my goal to go to see live music more often this semester. I can't wait to see Stephen Kellogg again at Paradise and to see Brian Bergeron open for them.

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