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Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Is it possible to forget so completely how busy your life is? I have not stopped since arriving back in Boston/NH. It is fantastic and exhausting. I've been couch crashing and spending a lot of quality time in my car. I'm also carrying around about 25 lbs. of luggage everyday -- althought as a bonus I guess that means I'm burning extra calories!

So far classes are going well. I'm glad I made the decision to take TV Newswriting with Schroeder this summer. He's such an excellent teacher. Plus, he provides some of the best off-the-cuff quotes during class. Islam is interesting in that it is paced completely different from TV News. It's a straight-up lecture for an hour and forty minutes. Granted, we cna ask questions if we want too, but mostly we just scribble notes and attempt to absorb everything El Shihibi throws at us. He's a soft-spoken man who just has so much knowledge to impart that it all tumbles out too fast for us to grasp sometimes.

I had my first bartending class last night. Within ten minutes of being there the six of us were shooting the shit and cracking jokes. The instructor, Tom, was a classic old-school Boston guy. Got to love local flavor. Apparently I'm a natural and pretty decent at it for just trying it out last night, which was really cool. Can't wait to see where the rest of the week goes and where I end up working.

There are so many people coming to visit in the next few weeks! There's some kind of party every Saturday for the next month. First, Solstice on Saturday (a little late this year), Josh & Angies Reception, Mookfest, and finally Michele is coming into Boston with her two kids. Going to see John Mayer next week with Nicolle for her birthday.

Alright, it's time for some lunch and trying to keep my brain from exploding. I will be in and out for the next month or so -- please bear with me.

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Hey Danielle,

Quite by random chance, I tagged you. It is kind of a blog experiment. Do with it what you will. Nice blog.

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